"STUCK IN OHIO" take the term however you like, but before you cast judgement, know our story.


Stuck In Ohio Productions is a video production company based in Northeast Ohio. Our goal is to promote outdoor sports and other creative activities within the buckeye state. Too often you hear "you can't do that in Ohio", and we have chosen to make it our mission to shoot down that stigma. We understand that our surroundings aren't ideal for certain activities, but our Midwestern work ethic doesn't let us throw in the towel just because something is difficult. Through our visuals, we showcase the remarkable things that people do in Ohio.

Our name is meant to relate to everyone within this great state. Whether you're here by circumstance and wishing you were somewhere else, or have gone out and looked for greener pastures and found that life here is not all that bad. No matter what side of the coin you are on, our goal is to capture and promote the passion that individuals here have for their craft, and for this state.